IDA’s activities and programs are guided by the Institute’s vision, set of core valves, and standard operating procedures, all of which embody the ethos of the Institute as envision in its mission statement. We recognize the importance of adherence to international best practices, and making use of lessons from other situations and context in the development and execution of policy and programs. Nonetheless, each of the institute’s program and activities shall be informed by local reality, taking into account the specific situation, context and resources.


IDA-Liberia developed this program as a practical approach to strengthening citizen’s participation and accountability mechanism at the community level. The program is aimed at improving engagement between citizens and government, and service delivery, in order to promote good governance and increase active civic participation   at all levels.  t seeks to support and promote active engagement citizens’ voice and public accountability in government planning and decision-making.

ENGAGEMENT AND POLICY REFORM: IDA upholds a practical approach to policy engagement and reform processes, which can be used as a model for policy advocacy and engagement in Liberia. The organization’s approach is based on providing a space and a platform for citizens, civil society and other actors to dialogue with policymakers on issues affecting them/ Our aim is to convene policymakers, service providers, citizens and other development stakeholders to play an influential role in policy formulation and decision making processes.

PEACE –BUILDING AND LOCAL GOVERNANCE : IDA-Liberia believes that peace-building and local governance are critical components of state-building processes—especially in countries that have experienced sustained violence over the years, such as Liberia and countries in the Mano River Basin. After over a decade of violent conflict, local governments have found themselves facing enormous challenges, both human and capital. And we believe this should be the heartbeat of community recovery program.

CAPACITY BUILDING OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIATIONS:  We had developed an approach that provides tailored and specialized training and capacity enhancement programs aimed at strengthening the overall structures and capacities of civil society institutions. This is the core of our initiative—strengthening the overall performance of civil society organizations and citizens to meet the growing demand within our emerging democracy. IDA believes in and promotes the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience as a means of encouraging human capital empowerment, a prerequisite for democratic development in Liberia.