About Us

The Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA-Liberia) is a 501c non-profit organization operating in the US and Liberia founded Anthony S. Kolaco in 2016. The organization is dedicated to supporting education in Africa through sponsorship and support for children and the empowerment of young people. IDA-Liberia tackles poverty and supports marginalized rural children to go to school and succeed, and empowering young African to step up as leaders of change. IDA-Liberia seeks to strengthen African initiatives that address challenges affecting children, communities and young people.

Vision: Educate and empower young people to become change makers

IDA-Liberia Strategy and focused areas:

  • Supporting children’s education and improving literacy in our society;
  • Strengthening youth and women voices  in promoting community services;
  • Promoting conditions for empowering youth and children

Impact of our work:

  • Organized over 20 workshops, training programs for community volunteers, women and youth groups in Liberia,
  •  Distributed over 15 publications, press releases, update on critical issues in Liberia
  • Trained 15 young volunteers to participate in the 2016-2017 general and presidential elections in Liberia.
  • Provided full sponsorship and scholarship to 17 students (16 Female and 1 male) from the ROSODAN school system in lower Margibi County, Liberia in 2017;
  • Distributed assorted books and learning materials to over 250 students in 2017
  • Organized Back to School Social in San Leandro, California for over 15 students, and distributed note books, pen, and leaning materials to students in 2018
  • Received donation from The Principle Academy, a private school in San Leandro, California, of assorted books worth over $5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars)
  • Launched the Building Skills for Employment Initiative (BUS) The Bus Fellowship program, hosted 8 volunteers at our office in Liberia.