IDA-LIBERIA – 1st Annual International Fundraising Dinner

On October 20, 2018, Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA) Liberia hosted its 1st annual international fundraising dinner in support for children’s education in Liberia, West Africa. The theme for 2018 fundraising campaign is ‘Enroll and Stay in School’. It speaks to our collective and selfless efforts to create change and provide hope to children and youth we may have never met, seen and or heard of. The fundraising event was aimed at raising funds purposely to provide partial and full scholarship assistance to deserving rural children in Liberia.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Paul M. Boakai. Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDA-Liberia. Noted that the event was aimed also a reflecting on IDA’s impact and a convening for setting a new agenda that will provide a framework for support to our projects in Africa and the US. IDA’s activities during the past three years were centered on two main areas: supporting rural children’s education in Liberia, and civic education and community organizing.

“It’s important to appreciate how essential each one of us has been in moving IDA Liberia forward. Because of our integrity and honesty, we are proud to say donations received by us have been distributed to targeted beneficiaries, and we are happy to inform you of the impact we have made because of your commitment and support. I want to take this opportunity to thank our local, national and international donors”, Mr. Boakai said.

Tony_speak1In her remarks, the Special Guest of Honor Ms. Marybeth Lockley, FedEx Security Manager, Western Region, California expressed thanks and appreciation to IDA-Liberia team and the President Mr. Anthony S. Kolaco for the opportunity to share her passion and commitment to IDA Liberia’s work. Ms. Lockley called on development partners and the American Business Community to embraced and support programs of IDA-Liberia. She noted that education is the bedrock of every society and she thinks that IDA-Liberia is doing is doing a good job in supporting children’s education in Africa. “I am pleased to be a part of the conversation about the urgent need to campaign for children’s education in deprived communities around the world. Young people look forward to the future, shared dreams and beliefs. Like they say; it takes a village to raise a child, and I look forward to being a part of a campaign that will support children’s education in a village called IDA-Liberia. I am reminded of these words spoken by Maya Angelou, ‘when you learn……. Teach, when you get……Give “Ms. Lockley noted.
In his remarks, the President Mr. Anthony S. Kolaco thanked supporters, donors and guests for their support. He further noted that 2018 marks three years of IDA’s existence as a nonprofit organization in Liberia and the US.

“I am pleased to have had the opportunity to lead a growing and passionate institution that focuses on initiatives that address challenges faced by children, communities and young people in Africa. We are committed to putting smiles on the faces of children in rural communities. Your hearts, hands, and voices have touched so many underprivileged children and provided hope for their future. Your donations continue to make a significant difference in the lives of many children in Africa.” He said.

During the program three distinguished personalities were honored and recognized for their contributions, dedication and commitment to IDA-Liberia’s work. The honorees were Mrs. Yamah G. Boakai, Ms. Kristina Seher and Mr. Leroy Smith. Speaking on behalf of the honorees. Leroy Smith thanked IDA-Liberia for the award and recognition. “This is a huge gratitude from IDA-Liberia and are very proud today to be the honored. We want to assure you of our continued support and dedication to the work of IDA-Liberia, Mr. Smith said.

ida-lib1 The event also brought together representatives from other nonprofit organizations and a cross–section of leaders from the Liberian Community in the Bay Area, California. Making a brief statement at the event. Mr. Stanley Chucks Njoku, the Founder of African Professional Strategic Group (APSG). Stressed the need for Africans to harness the opportunities in the US and build stronger networks for development. IDA-Liberia is doing a great job in Liberia, Mr. Njoku noted.

The 2018 fundraising event was successful. The total amount raised at the event was Six thousand eight Hundred and twenty-nine dollars. The funds raised will be used to support disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youth in Africa under our children’s education program for 2018-2019.

IDA is constantly growing and learning through its engagement with its partners, donors and supporters. The organization’s success is the community’s success and IDA will continue to work with children and youth in Africa and the USA. IDA Liberia is ready for the challenges and achievements ahead in 2019 and beyond.

“Our team expressed thanks for trusting us with your resources. IDA -Liberia and its beneficiaries owe you a great deal of gratitude.” The President concluded.


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