IDA Liberia – 1st Annual International Fundraising Dinner, SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA – Oct 20th, 2018


IDA-Liberia will host its 1st Annual International Fundraising Dinner on October 20, 2018, in San Leandro, California. The event is a yearly fundraising convening aimed at raising funds, supporting and strengthening the institution work in the US and Africa. It will also showcase highlights of impact and success stories of the work.

We urged supporters, donors, and patrons to serve as change makers with a wonderful spirit of sharing and supporting the institution work. Our efforts to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children education in Africa is dear to our heart and minds and can only be achieved when we all learn new ways to raise more and have more impact.

IDA-Liberia’s theme for 2018 fundraising dinner is “Enroll and Stay in School”. It’s about our collective efforts to create change and provide hope for children, youth we have never met, seen and or heard off.

Kindly join us and support our initiative. Thank you for wholeheartedly being a part of the campaign to provide a better future for children in Africa.  You are all invited, or better still donate using the link below,  or  IDA-LIBERIA CHASE ACCOUNT #323687399). Thanks – Anthony Kolaco (President, IDA-Liberia)!


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