The Principled Academy Donates Assorted Educational Materials To IDA-LIBERIA

On March 2, 2018, the Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA-Liberia) paid a courtesy call to The Principled Academy, a private school in San Leandro, California, United States.  The visit was to strengthen the cordial relationship between IDA-Liberia and The Principled Academy, and to collect assorted educational books and materials that were donated to IDA-Liberia. The donation was made possible through the auspices of Kristina M. Seher, Head of School Emerita, The Principled Academy, Leroy Smith a community activist, and Mr. Isaac Durst, current Head of School.

The purpose of the donatiIDAon is to support IDA-Liberia’s education project for underprivileged Liberian pupils whose parents can hardly afford to pay their school fees, and have to rely on goodwill from other families and groups. The books will be presented to schools in rural Liberia, and IDA-Liberia will establish reading rooms in those schools. The objective is to improve and cultivate the habit of reading in primary schools.

IDA-Liberia is excited to be a recipient of such generosity and will continue to support the educational needs of students in rural Liberia. The cost of the donated items is estimated at $5,000 US dollars. “With the help of your donation, and other supplies, we can all work together to help thousands of students start the school year prepared to succeed”,  said Anthony S. Kolaco Sr., International Director of Initiative for Democratic Alternatives IDA-Liberia.

“This is a big project, and we commend The Principled Academy for supporting our initiative. Where families are struggling to feed and clothe their children, school supplies are not their top priority”, he said. Mr. Kolaco also thanked the administration for the donation.

“We are pleased to be able to pass along The Principled Academy’s generosity and support to pupils in rural Liberia. We are making this donation and commitment because we believe IDA-Liberia has the potential to grow and groom the next generation of leaders in Liberia”, said Kristina, who made a passionate appeal to other institutions and schools to do the same.

There are far too many children in our community in rural Liberia who do not have access to quality education and educational facilities and resources.  We are thrilled that The Principled Academy is supporting education initiatives in Liberia via this important and unique gesture. We might be surprised to learn that many children have never owned their own reading books or work books. “Think what it must be like for these students to have to worry everyday about how they are going to do their work in the classroom or their homework in the evening. We are happy to make a difference”.IDA2 Durst said.

“Children should have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom, not to be held back by circumstances over which they have no control, and The Principled Academy is committed to respond to
this crucial need”, he said.  On his part, Leroy Smith extended thanks and made a commitment to always be available to assist when needed, as he sees the initiative as a gateway to enhancing and improving rural education in Liberia. He further called on IDA-Liberia International Director, Anthony, to keep up the zeal, as he continue to put smiles on the faces of deserving and underprivileged students.

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