On January 26, 2018, Initiative for Democratic Alternatives-IDA-Liberia launched its educational support program in Liberia. The project titled “Support for Rural Girls Education in Liberia” is implemented in partnership with the ROSODAN School Systems in lower Margibi County, Republic of Liberia with support from Global Giving USA.

The project’s aim is to provide partial and full scholarship assistance to 16 deserving disadvantaged rural girls who are financially in need in the Scheflin  Avenue community in lower Margibi County. The project will also provide note books; pens and other educational materials to students to enhance their learning process.  The cost of the project is estimated at one hundred thousand IDA3Liberian dollars, (L$100,000.00) for the academic school year 2017-2018.

Despite the enormous efforts of government and donors, there remains a dire need to support the education of rural girls in Liberia. One of the key challenges is the cost of educations that remains one of the significant challenges that prevents rural girls from being enrolled or supported to continue schooling (OFL, 2017).

This project enables IDA –Liberia seeks to respond adequately to the key difficulty faced by rural girls in obtaining quality education.  In a statement during the official launch of the program, IDA-Liberia International Director, Mr. Anthony S. Kolaco Sr. stressed the need to provide assistance to rural girls educational, especially those residing in rural communities with little or no support.

“Government cannot do all. Well-meaning Liberians and friends can meaningfully contribute to the growth and development of the nation” he said. He further noted that IDA- Liberia will continue to play a leading role in increasing access to education by rural girls and also contribute towards strengthening the educational system in communities in Liberia.

He noted that IDA-Liberia is self –funded and will continue to work in rural communities despite the limited resources.  “IDA-Liberia is passionate and committed to building a new nation where every child will have better opportunities like my kids in the US. This we are committed to and will continue to support this program” Mr. Kolaco Sr said.

In a closing remarks, the Proprietress of ROSODAN School Systems, Mrs. Rebecca J.S Boakai, expressed thanks and appreciation to IDA-Liberia team for selecting her institution to work with, and providing 16 partial and full semester scholarships to deserving students of the institution.  She further noted that the management, staff and entire student body are overwhelmed to receive such scholarship for the first time, since the establishment of the institution. “This is a great day for our institution.  We are glad to see and have young Liberians taking on such self-help initiative” she noted.   Mrs. Boakai called on other development partners to support education in Liberia. She noted that with a total student enrollment of two hundred students, 12% only registered and has not paid any funds toward their tuition.  40% have paid partial tuition fees, 35% have done full payments while the remaining 13% were promises and commitments made by political leaders during the campaign period and are yet to be realized.

“These statistics elucidate the constraints and challenges we are faced with. The school’s staffs are basically doing voluntary services because revenues are not forth coming. This is sad, but the fact is, we cannot throw children out of school, because their parents cannot afford. With this support from IDA-Liberia we expect to see better things happening for our children and institution” she said.

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