Monday August 21st 2017. The Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA-Liberia) in partnership with SNAP-SMS Communications, a mobile messaging platform designed to improve team collaboration and communication processes based in Los Angeles, California, USA is today launching the first in a series of text messaging to provide and support voters with information about the upcoming 2017 Presidential and general elections.

The project is primarily aimed at supporting youthful voters through the use of text messaging and as a reminder to vote and increase voters turnout on Election Day. The overall goal is to serve as a civil society hub for providing basic information, through the use of social media about the 2017 elections. The project presents innovative means of mobilizing citizens’ and voters participation through a slogan: “Register, Turnout, and Vote”.

Making brief remarks to journalists about the newly launched project, the Executive Director of the Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA-Liberia), Mrs. Louise J. Paegar, reiterated the significance of Liberia’s 2017 elections and the critical role civil society groups have to play.  She further stressed the need for voters to be adequately prepared so as to make informed decisions for their country and future. The Director noted the very critical role Liberians have to play in maintaining the peace and stability we have enjoyed over the past ten years.  She expressed thanks and appreciation to SNAP SMS Communication, USA for the partnership and IDA-Liberia’s commitment to working for social justice and democratic development in post war Liberia.

Mrs. Paegar called on all candidates, policy and decision makers to always act in the interest of Liberia, as these elections will test our fledgling democracy.   She said IDA-Liberia have demonstrated that text messaging is a powerful tool that can be used to reach thousands of voters especially youth and first time voters.

The project was formally launched by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDA-Liberia, Mr. Gregory T. Blamoh who stressed the need for a robust civil society platform that will provide credible and timely information about the elections to voters. He thanked IDA-Liberia team for bringing up such an initiative that will exclusively focus on voters and using text messaging as a reminder to voters to turn out and vote on Election Day.


Louise J. Paegar- Executive Director

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