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Anthony S. Kolaco Sr, International Director -IDA-Liberia

Dear Partners and Supporters,

As the year 2016 comes to an end. The Board of Directors, International and Country Management Team of the Initiative for Democratic Alternatives –IDA-Liberia would like to thank you for your support and contributions toward our work.  With your contributions and support we are sure of reaching out to thousands of young Liberians with the aim of building and nurturing the next generation of leaders in Liberia.

We were able to reach more than 1200 participants from all over the country. Organizing series of activities including; strategic partnership meetings, focus group discussions, establishment of our democracy clubs in schools, and our biggest field activity. Our Community-Talk is a component of our Citizen Engagement and Policy Reform program. This brings together policymakers, service providers, citizens and other development stakeholders to play an influential role in policy formulation and development agenda.

Our partners and beneficiaries who participated in some of our programs acknowledged the level of impact and potential it has to empower active CSOs engagement. It had improved our governance structure, and we are excited about this. We will continue to do more in the years ahead.

Testimonies and success stories form our beneficiaries reminds us that IDA-Liberia inspires people and set the agenda for participatory decision making at the community level. It also makes their voices heard, and has the framework for making leaders more accessible and responsive to their people.  This effort is focused on empowering youth, women and community residents to be more competent, proactive, and to serve as drivers of innovative democratic alternatives in Liberia.

Your continued support is critical to this selfless effort and the journey of remaking our democratic system work better. Whatever the amount of your donation might be, you will have an impact on Liberia’s emerging democracy. Your time and donations are very essential to our work. It will make a big difference in the lives of ordinary Liberians by improving the process of decision making and influencing policies in Liberia.

Thanks to our staff and partners for a long walk to building democracy in Liberia, 2017 has a lot more to offer.  Let’s keep hope alive.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, with my sincere appreciation!


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