Breaking News: IDA –Liberia Gets National Elections Commission (NEC) Accreditation

The National Elections Commission (NEC) began accrediting civil society organizations and other national institutions to participate and ensure that the 2017 General Elections are free, fair, credible, and transparent.

This is a part of a check and balance system within our emerging democracy. Against this background. We are excited to inform our supporters and partners that IDA-Liberia was accredited as a national civil society platform to partner with the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia in undertaking nationwide civic and voter education awareness exercise during 2017 elections.

IDA –Liberia and its partners are committed to working for the consolidation of participatory and democratic governance. To empower democratic institutions and citizens, and enhance their ability to seek needed and feasible alternatives for our democratic advancement and the sustainability of democratic governance and equitable development in Liberian society

As a pro-democracy and an advocacy platform, IDA plays a diverse role in promoting active citizens engagement in the pursuit of democracy and good governance in Liberia’s post-war recovery and reconstruction process

IDA-Liberia, Update

November 2016

NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!!

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