A one day public dialogue tagged Suakoko Talk, in Bong County

The Initiative for Democratic Alternatives (IDA)’s key focus is to provide contextual and feasible democratic alternatives that propel sustainable economic growth, significant poverty reduction, and high levels of equitable development in Liberia; and to translate its successes to other countries in the Mano River Basin and West Africa. The organization will push to make governments and institutions more accountable to their constituents, more results-oriented and responsive in improving the quality of service delivery in their respective communities.

IDA started as a small group of enthusiasts passionate about improving our governance programs, and making leaders accountable, accessible and responsive to their people. IDA has grown into an institution committed to driving change in our world. We invite you to take part in our development activities and contribute to the democratic advancement of Liberia.
We believe that, if all actors in the democratic process are sufficiently empowered and effectively engaged in a common vision of advancing democracy and development in Liberia, we can provide context-specific solutions to our democratic and governance challenges. And that these solutions will be feasible, will advance our democratic process, and contribute significantly to propel sustainable development and a prosperous Liberia characterized by equality, justice and well-being for all.

Group work and brainstorming exercise,


Executive Director , Raymond Daboi stressing an important message during Training


Female participants making participating in discussion


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